5 Sex Positions That Can Make You Last All Night

best sex positions on bed


It’s no news that women take a long while before they reach orgasm. For men, the story is totally different, orgasm could be as early as a minute. But to enjoy intense and intimate sex with your partner, it is important that you last long.

You should be able to love your woman until she climaxes, to be able to do that, you need to hold your erection for as long as possible. There are lot of ways to make yourself last longer, exercises, pills, food etc. but a more pleasurable way is having sex in positions that delay ejaculation

If you want to last all night long, then try out these positions;

1. Woman on top


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You should lay on your back and place a pillow under your head. Let her get on top and slowly, ease into your penis and lean forward, placing her weight on her elbows. She takes control and rocks her hips against you, back and forth. She could kiss you in between.

It is important that she leans forward, because it makes penile penetration shallow and makes it easier for her to focus on kissing you. Also, she should go slowly. You should have signals to tell her when you are close to ejaculation so she can go slower.

2. Sitting

sitting sex position

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Take a sitting position with your legs crossed. She should sit on top of your laps facing you. Slowly, she should direct your penis into her and wrap her hands round your neck and her feet round your back. You both could slowly move back and forth. She could grind her hips against you or move up and down. She could also move towards and away from you. There are different moves to explore.

Though penetration is deep, ejaculation is delayed because there is no thrusting from your end. You should ensure she takes it slow. You can passionately make out in between.

3. Spooning


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Both you and your partner should lie on your side. Make sure you are both facing the same direction. Your pelvis should be lower than hers. She should arch her hips forward and raise the leg on top so you can enter easily. You could use a lubricant to make entrance easier.

Instead of hard thrust, you could rock her. She could slowly move her hips to match your movements. This is done in a snuggling position with your arms around her.

This way, penile penetration is not deep so your penis does not get too stimulated. This position also forces you to go slowly because if you drive in fast, your penis will keep falling out.

4. Side by side

side by side

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You both are to lie down on your sides but this time, you should be facing each other. This is just like spooning. She might have to use her hands to direct your penis into her. There is no particular motion for this. You would have to understand how both your bodies move and create your own rhythm.

She could wrap her legs around you. The trick is to do this slowly. Just like spooning, penile penetration is very shallow. It is very intimate and is a good means for you and your partner to reconnect.

5. Sitting on a chair

sitting on a chair

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This is similar to sitting. Sit on a chair. Let your partner lower herself into your laps, while backing you. She should slowly guide you inside her. She should move her hips back and forth or up and down

With this position, your partner is in charge of setting the pace. There is little room for hard or deep thrusts from your end.

Its time to enjoy as much pleasure for as long as you can without pills or exercises. This way you last long enough for you to make your partner orgasm. Have fun trying these out.


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