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I must tell you the truth, my friend: you now have all you need to become a multiorgasmic man...but the truth is...becoming a multiorgasmic man isn’t an easy journey.

You need a lot of discipline to be able to stick to the practices and regimen.

You need a lot of patience to remain committed to the program even when you don’t get results after weeks of work.

You need time to dedicate to doing the exercises...because if you don’t do the required exercises, you wouldn’t achieve your goal of multiorgasm. You’d only get frustrated instead.

It took me months of trying and failing before I finally had my first multiple orgasm. If I wasn’t desperate about my condition I could have given up.

I look back now and the ONLY other thing I wish I had then was a mentor or coach, or at least a support system or accountability partner. Someone that will ensure I do the exercises as at when due and check up on my progress.

I don’t want you to get frustrated on your journey to escaping the “one-minute” mark and become a truly multiorgasmic man that can last for as long as he desires.

Because of that, I’ll be offering you and just a few other people the chance to get personal coaching from me.

Yes, while every other person would just read the eBook and know me as Jon Duru, I’ll let you into my world; you’ll not just know my real identity, you can meet me physically!

But that’s not the interesting part; I’ll personally teach you ALL the lessons in The Multiorgasmic Man eBook. I’ll let you know when to do what. I’ll even share with you tips from my personal experience.

You’ll be able to tell me where you’re stuck or can’t seem to get result, and I’ll tell you what steps to take to overcome your challenges and move forward on your journey.

This way, you can be sure that you will NEVER fail but succeed and become a true stud or sex god. Because I’ll guide you all the way.

We’ll meet twice weekly online or on phone to discuss the steps you need to take to become multiorgasmic. You’ll have my personal attention. You’ll have my personal phone number that you can call at any time.

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How Much Would It Cost You to Get My Personal Help?

Well, this offer isn’t for everybody.

I usually charge between ₦120,000 and ₦150,000 for a full-month coaching.

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The first month will be for the exercises, the second month will be for follow-ups and tying any loose ends.

But if you’re very busy and can’t complete your program in the first month, you still have the second month to catch up.

You can be 100% sure that at the end of our time the end of the second month, multiorgasm will become your nature that you won’t even need me again.

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  • 2 months of personal guidance and coaching and follow-up, till you become multiorgasmic and can last for hours on bed. You have no choice; I’ll force you to succeed!
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