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Are You Frustrated about Your Sex Life Because You Can’t Seem to Last Long Enough to Satisfy a Woman in Bed?

Here’s the Secret of How I Changed from a “One-Minute Man” to a Permanent Sex-God That Can Last as Long as I Want in Bed and Can Satisfy ANY Woman Alive, No Matter Her Sexual Appetite

Now let me ask you a few questions, my brother…

  • Are you always embarrassed or ashamed in bed because your ejaculation comes quick, before your partner even begins to enjoy sex with you?
  • Are you frustrated because you’ve tried everything possible -- drugs, creams, herbs, sprays, special condoms, tricks, etc -- and you still can’t last as long as you desire in bed?
  • Has your inability to last long or perform well in bed robbed you of your self-esteem and self-confidence?
  • Do you avoid sex as much as possible and even avoid meeting women all because of your poor and embarrassing sexual stamina and performance?
  • Are you sad that you can’t give your woman the sexual satisfaction she deserves -- or is she even nagging about it or cheating on you because you can’t satisfy her in bed?
  • Do you wish you could control and time your ejaculation during sex, but instead always lose control and release earlier than you wish?

If you answered Yes to ANY of these questions, then I perfectly understand how sad and frustrated you might be feeling right now…I can feel your pain...because I was there too.

I know how embarrassing and depressing it is to keep having premature ejaculation after spending so much time and money and trying almost everything possible to last long during sex.

I know because I suffered this for a long time.

So I understand you…and I feel your pain…

BUT I have one Simple Promise for YOU today…

between NOW and the next 28 days…your life would have transformed radically…from someone tagged "one-minute man" with low self-esteem to a real man that has the power to last as long as he wishes -- even hours -- and give ANY woman multiple orgasms.

Forget about your premature ejaculation for a minute and...

Imagine you went out with your partner and got back home at night; you’re both a bit tired but the outing was too good to not end in sex that night.

But you don’t rush...because you have the whole night to yourselves.

You both freshened up and went to bed…

Then it was time to have sex.

She knows you both had a long day and it would all be something light that night. Maybe 3 minutes at most, then you both fall asleep.

Then you start.

She’s a bit taken aback because even the position you start with is different from usual. She’s beginning to sense that you mean business… But hey, she knows you well; your sophisticated position doesn’t would just be one round that night and it’ll take you less than 2 minutes to ejaculate -- as usual!

You keep thrusting, but that position begins to drive her wild. The tiredness of her body begins to disappear...she’s beginning to get into the sex…

But she’s afraid you’ll just release when she is fully turned on, as usual, and then it ends there; you’ll sleep in peace, all tensions released...while she’ll be on fire all night. She secretly hates you for that!

But’s over 3 minutes already...and you’re still firing.

Your strokes are different from usual.

The confidence that beams from you is out of this world. And it turns her on more.

She finally let go and goes deep into the sex. Her moaning has become crazy. But inside her she’s praying you don’t come yet.

But’re on your 6th minute already...she’s surprised...but she’s liking it...and even liking you more.

Then suddenly your movement changes and your breathing changes...she knows you’re about to ejaculate. Oh God not now!, she thinks.

And yes, truly, your muscles start to contract, you get rougher on her, etc...then you reached orgasm; going wild and breathing hard.

She received you so good, she wants to enjoy that final moment…

It ends...your orgasm.

But you don’t withdraw!!!

You resume thrusting and gradually increasing the pace...going faster.

She’s shocked!

What is happening? She’s confused.

Didn’t you just release? Why are you still banging her?

But your still-erect penis wouldn’t allow her be confused in peace...Whatever it is; she just wants to enjoy this moment; it could be a fluke for all she knows and might never get it again.

So she gets fully back into the sex...looking at you with admiration...and so much love. Yes, she loves you more now. And praying it’s not all a dream.

You’ve passed 10 minutes already!

At the 14th minute you notice she was starting to go crazy...her movements changed...she’s no longer composed...she’s holding you so tight her nails are hurting you...her moaning is different and wild.

Suddenly she lifts her back up and tilts her head to the back...she’s shaking and screaming; feels like her vaginal walls are clamping against your penis...

She’s having her first vaginal orgasm bruh!

Maybe that experience drove you wild and while she was having her orgasm, you *decide* to finally let go and ejaculate

You’re both having an orgasm simultaneously. Heaven on earth!

That, my brother, is the ultimate sex!

And guess what? It’s not fiction; it’s the experience of truly multiorgasmic men that have total control over their body, their excitement and their ejaculation.

They decide when to ejaculate. They decide whether sex continues or stops. Their body doesn’t decide any of these for them.

And guess what is better?

This can be your experience within the next 3 weeks to one month, depending on the decision you make today: whether you’ll allow me to teach you or you’ll leave this page without taking action and continue to have a poor sex life and a perpetually dissatisfied partner.

See...I was a “victim” of premature ejaculation too!

And I just accepted my fate and started avoiding sex, since I already tried everything I could but still couldn’t seem to keep my lil’ man up for at least 3 minutes, not to talk of 15 to 20 minutes -- the average time needed for a woman to orgasm.

See, there’s nothing I didn’t try; local herbs (like jedi + opa-eyin), packaged “bitters”, alcohol, drugs like viagra (and even tramadol), ejaculation delay sprays and creams from China...even secretly bought seed-like herbs marketed at bus-stops by Mallams.

But nothing worked.

It was as if they cursed me that when I saw vagina, my head should just start spinning, my mind takes vacation and my dick goes on autopilot. Then before I could say “boom”, I start shooting off my cum!

I avoided women like a plague; because she’d end up dissatisfied...and further deflate my ego and self-esteem. So I’d rather watch porn and masturbate when I was crazy horny.

But this is me today; I’ve transformed from the chronic one-minute man I was (one minute sef was just a dream) to a super-stallion that can go any length of time needed to satisfy his woman.

I’m now married to probably the most sexually satisfied woman in the world; sometimes I even feel I’m too much for just her! (Lol)

But I wasn’t always like that...even till the early years of my marriage. In fact, it was in a bid to save my marriage that I found the secret of having sex for as long as my woman desires!

And no matter your current condition, I’m here to tell you that within the next 28 days...

  • You too can transform from a one-minute man to a man whose partner begs that she’s had enough.
  • You can go from someone who ejaculates on barely penetrating a woman to someone that can last as long as the woman wants (and that’s what matters to every woman; not the size of your penis!).
  • You can transform from a sex wimp to a sex god!

Even if (you think) you’re already good enough in bed...there’s nothing as sexy as ejaculating ONLY when the woman has had more than enough and wants you to stop -- whether she wants just 5 minutes or all night!

Yes, you can achieve this within such short period...

I’m a Living Proof…

My blog readers know me as Jon.

I’ve been in your shoes before and I just want to help as many men as possible become objects of complete admiration to their women.

I’ve had too many bad sexual experiences to last a lifetime!

When I’ve had enough embarrassments and frustrations, I just decided one day that I’d do everything ever possible to overcome my premature ejaculation problems.

Let me gist you an example of one of my several embarrassing sex stories...

I was boarding a bus to Port Harcourt some years back, and there was this lady in the bus that was loud and free with the guys (almost loose). I just knew deep within me that I was going to get her -- whatever it would take.

And truly, a few weeks later, while we were back at our base, she came to visit me and slept over.

As the badt guy I was, I did all I could to sleep with her that night, but it didn’t work. So I gave up and we both slept off, though on the same bed.

Early the next morning I was surprisingly woken up by her body moving against mine. She was backing me while I was facing her; she was rubbing her butt against my dick!

I started to respond. Started touching her body, moved even closer to her, held her tighter and started reciprocating the gesture -- pushing my dick hard against her butt.

It was intense and went on for some minutes, until she was ready to take it to the next level: she moved her butt forward a bit and was going to grab my dick; I’m guessing she wanted to give me some hand job…

...but what her hand met was a soaked boxers housing a dick that had gone down.

Yes, I had ejaculated before the “next level”.

We never spoke about it. Because she withdrew her hand immediately, got up from the bed, dressed up, left, and I never saw her again. Didn’t even as much as see her on social media again. Guess she blocked my ass off. No be say me sef get liver follow am talk again anyway!

It’s one of my worst moments ever; I felt like an absolute pussy. I felt like my manliness was robbed off me…

...and it indeed was...only that I was the one who robbed myself off my manliness. Wasn’t the babe’s fault.

Trust me, this is just one of several embarrassing sexual moments I’ve had as a man who couldn’t control his ejaculation and timing.

Control is Power...a Lack of it is Shame!

Imagine chasing a babe for years and you finally get to sleep with her and you can only last for less than one minute. So what was the essence of the years of patience and hard work you spent on getting her?

I was an exco in my faculty in the university. Of course, that came with a lot of respect from faculty members and a few people that had me in very high regard.

After a very long time of flirting with a particular 300L girl, she came to my house one afternoon. I attempted to sleep with her but she rebuffed me -- normal “hard-to-get” stunts.

After some persuasion she finally yielded.

We got crazy touching and kissing and doing stuff.

When it was time to penetrate, I quickly grabbed a condom, wore it and “ran” inside her. After a few seconds of thrusting, I had some slight nice sensation and my dick just went flaccid (soft); I had a partial ejaculation!

She tried all she could to bring me back up, but I just couldn’t get back up.

When I was seeing her off, she made an ego-puncturing statement that would haunt me forever: “you just came down like the wind.”

I’m not sure the comparison made sense, but it hurt me so much and I was never comfortable around her again; I’d even rather avoid crossing her path in the faculty.

These are just two of several experiences -- including an instance where a serious relationship died because of my lack of sexual stamina and staying power.

Till years after my marriage, my sexual performance had always been plus or minus one minute. Thank God I’ve always known how to compensate with oral stimulation, or I probably would have been single forever!

BUT My Miracle Came!!

If you are like my former self, you must have done a lot of research and tried a lot of tips and tricks just to be able to last longer in bed.

But you must also have noticed that one just seems to not remember any of these tips when it’s time to ejaculate.

Yes, I already had a lot of tricks up my sleeves that were meant to help me last longer in bed…and they sometimes work...

But my deliverance really came when I delved deep into the subject of sex.

Invested time and money into the deeper parts of sexuality. Became enthusiastic about things like tantra, ancient sexual practices, and ultimately, the concept of male multiple orgasm.

The last part stood out for me; I could connect to it immediately. Sounds like the ultimate solution to the problem of sexual longevity or stamina (lasting long in bed).

And truly, it’s the best thing that can happen to any man; both the one that has an extreme case of premature ejaculation (less than a minute) or the one that just wants to become more than average and last for as long as he desires, instead of the usual 4 to 5 minutes.

I started practicing the concepts and exercises linked to male multiple orgasm. And the good thing is, even though it took me a longer time than usual to really achieve multiple orgasm, I got a lot of other benefits along the way.

I mean benefits like:

    • enjoying sex on a deeper level;
    • knowing my partner’s body more intimately;
    • knowing even my own body on a more personal level;
    • controlling my arousal and excitement during sex;
    • identifying habits that make men come quick;
    • acquainting myself with the internal organs responsible for ejaculation -- and learning to control them too;
    • female orgasm...and how to achieve it;
    • and tons of other things you’ll also learn by the time I’m done teaching you to become multiorgasmic.

After a little over 2 months of putting together several disorganized information, I finally began to last as long as I want and ejaculate whenever I decide to.

It’s sex unusual. It’s the ultimate sexual power!

You too can develop this sexual power and matter your current condition...but it doesn’t have to take you that long…

See, I don’t care how bad your ejaculation problem is -- whether severe or mild -- all I know is, within the next 28 days, you can gain full control of your sexual stamina and ejaculate only when you want to...not when your body commands you to.

I decided to not hide my story...but use it and all I’ve learnt to help as many men as possible...and show them the way to freedom from premature ejaculation.

And for this reason I decided to reveal this closely-guarded secret of just a handful of men to you.

Within the next 5 minutes, you too will have in your hands the secret to becoming multiorgasmic and lasting as long as you desire during sex, whether 5 minutes or 5 hours!

How do I plan to do that?

The Multiorgasmic Man: The Secret to Making Love for As Long as You Desire and Satisfy ANY Woman

This is a game-changing book inside which I’ve documented my multiorgasmic experience.

Doesn’t have so much stories; just practical steps, gotten from certified sex therapists, that I followed to becoming the multiorgasmic man I am today -- and these are the same steps you’ll also follow to having multiple orgasms in one round of sex so that you can last as long as you wish. (Just imagine how sweet that sounds!)

There’ll be no ‘trial and error’ for you and you wouldn’t have to spend almost 3 months (like I did) to become multiorgasmic.

What this book teaches you is a unique and practical way to last longer in bed; you’ll be able to reach orgasm multiple times in one session of sex without interrupting the sex -- same way as women orgasm multiple times when the right man handles them.

Now imagine what this will do to you!

Even though a major part of the things you’ll learn in this short book is how to have sex for long before even reaching your first orgasm at all, mastering the technique would still help you last long even if your first orgasm comes early.

Think of it; if you have 5 orgasms in one round of sex, how many minutes would it take you to reach the 5th orgasm and finally release fully?

You Will NEVER Care About Premature Ejaculation Again!

Let’s say you truly suffer from PE and your first orgasm comes in just 30 seconds…

...but you continue having sex, and your second orgasm comes quick too, maybe at the 2nd or 3rd minute…

Remember it takes more time to release at every next round? That means your 3rd orgasm might come at the 9th minute (6 minutes after the second). What about your 4th? Maybe the 16th minute...and you still have one more to go...or even two if you want.

It takes the average woman 15 minutes of sex to reach orgasm (or far lesser than that if your foreplay game is great).

So that means by the time you reach your 5th orgasm, your woman would probably have reached her own orgasm, maybe even twice, or more.

PE Would Actually Be a Thing of The Past!

BUT the truth is: apart from becoming multiorgasmic, you’ll also learn from this book how to control your excitement and last very long before your first orgasm.

Now let’s say your first orgasm comes after 4 minutes of sex…

I bet you wouldn’t even need to have 5 orgasms...because your partner would probably have begged for mercy or even run out of the room!

Now you can imagine how excited I became when I found this well-kept secret.

OR... what else have you found that can make a one-minute man, a man with PE problems, last as long as 20 minutes or more, while he still “has” the problem?

The multiorgasmic superpower will literally change your life!

(If you’re a cassanova or have multiple sex partners, I’d advise that you don’t reveal your multiorgasmic side to them all...OR they’ll kill you with sex. They’ll ALL want you every single time!!)

A multiorgasmic man is far more than a real man; he’s a god -- at least to women!

Why Should You Get “The Multiorgasmic Man” Today?

Because when you own this sexual superpower blueprint, you’ll learn:

Just imagine for a second what your sex life would be like if you really learn all these listed above. I really wasn’t kidding when I said you’d become super-human!

A Very Satisfied Partner!

What being a multiorgasmic man gives you is a truly satisfied partner.

And here’s what you get from a truly sexually-satisfied partner:

  1. She’ll respect and admire you as a real man...
  2. She’ll have no reason to cheat on you (duh, how many men in this world would be able to match your sexual prowess?!)...
  3. She’ll have no reason to pretend and lie to you about your performance, just to make you feel good. Because, hell yea, you’d be performing more than well.
  4. She’ll have no reason to fake orgasm for you, because you’ll be able to continue thrusting till her body uncontrollably breaks into bouts of orgasm(s)...
  5. She’ll love you more than ever before; it’d be better than love potion!
  6. Be careful if you’re a player; most women that experience you sexually would want to die there!
  7. She’ll prolly tell all her friends how you’re a stallion..and your admiration would extend beyond just one woman 😉

Really, I don’t care how off-charts your partner’s sexual appetite is, she’ll become tamed and truly sexually satisfied!

All you have to do to get started on this exciting journey of becoming a multiorgasmic and sexually powerful man is make sure you get your hands on “The Multiorgasmic Man” today!

So...what would it cost you to own your copy of The Multiorgasmic Man?

Let me ask you first...what price would you pay to find a lasting and permanent solution to your quick ejaculation problems?

Even if you don’t ejaculate quickly, what price would you pay to become a sex god that can hit it for hours non-stop and make ANY woman alive orgasm?

If you’re anything like me, I’ll have no figure in my head right now...because having such ability is just priceless!

That’s why I was willing to spend about a hundred thousand Naira and months of endless research just to finally get the same secret I’m about to share with you now.

BUT don’t worry; you won’t have to spend a hundred thousand (only my private clients spend that much) or spend months to own this secret (you will have it in your hands in the next one minute).

I’m tempted to charge you 25k to reveal this powerful secret to you...but I’ll give you “The Multiorgasmic Man” eBook for just 15,000!

Yes, 15k can change your sexual life from embarrassing to exciting, starting today…


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But That’s NOT All You Get…

I told you the price for The Multiorgasmic Man is low. You’ll agree with me now…

To make sure you achieve your goal of truly becoming multiorgasmic and last as long as you desire to satisfy ANY woman in bed, I’ll be adding some bonuses to your purchase, if you get “The Multiorgasmic Man” eBook today.

Let me list them for you…

1. The Multiorgasm Email Course (Value: 29,000)

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Lessons of The Multiorgasmic Man will be delivered to you via email, with the aim that you truly achieve your goal of male multiple orgasm within one month of getting the eBook.

You’ll receive frequent emails about when to start each exercise and the level you should be at each point of your multiorgasmic journey. Plus, you’ll also be able to reply every email and still get a response back.

As you can imagine, this course alone is worth five times the price of the eBook.

2. Ejaculation By Command (Value: $49/18,250)

If you are a sexually active man, this book will change your life for good.

If you’re suffering from premature ejaculation, this book will change your destiny!

Before I finally found a way to become multiorgasmic, this book by Lloyd Lester was one of the best things that happened to me. It is one of the great books that helped improve my sexual stamina and longevity in bed.

While The Multiorgasmic Man teaches you how to last long by having orgasm multiple times in one session of sex without stopping, Ejaculation by Command teaches you how to last very long before even having your first orgasm. Just imagine combining both lessons!

As soon as you purchase The Multiorgasmic Man, I’ll be sending to you for FREE a copy Ejaculation by Command. (I had to go the extra mile of buying the resell rights to be able to give it to you for FREE!)

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4. 3 Sexual Stamina Videos (Value: Priceless!)

On my journey to becoming multiorgasmic, I came across several videos online that helped me last longer in bed. I’ll give you access to my all-time best 3!

You won’t have to wait till the day you become multiorgasmic before you start lasting longer in bed and satisfying your woman.

And when you finally become multiorgasmic, add these techniques and you’ll be able to last for hours in one session, if your woman wants it.

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100% 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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See you on the inside,

Jon Duru

PS: You know how embarrassing it is when you can’t last long enough in bed to satisfy your woman?

I’ve been there before -- before I found the ultimate secret!

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Once you complete the book and the exercises in it, you’ll begin to have uninterrupted sex for as long as you desire and satisfy ANY woman, no matter how wild or crazy her sexual appetite is -- without depending on any risky drugs or herbs!

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There’s no how you’ll have all these and not be able to have sex for as long as you wish in a single session.

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